works i have made



“time is a fickle mistress”

the art form i create the most, hands down, are collages. there is something oddly satisfying about take images out of the original context and manipulating them into something gloriously new & surreal. the above image is not the finished piece {i haven’t unpacked that from one of the many moving boxes yet} but i still find the “layout” copy compelling enough to share.  it is a composite of 6 separate pieces all, i believe, which came from national geographic.  below is an image i created close to 5 years ago–a composite of 7 individual pieces.  what i find absolutely fascinating is that, despite the years that separate them, there is quite a lot of similar iconography incorporated: the woods {at night}, images of light in the darkness {either as a star field, or as tangible light sources}, goddesses, a voyeur indirectly engaging the audience {the person behind the wheel in the top image, the giant eye below}.  the only icon missing {that i often use in my painting or sketches} is the raven/crow. make of this what you will, but to me, i feel as if these are pieces that speak to liminal dream space. to worlds we can only enter via sleep or our imaginations.



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  1. Man, no kidding. Those are really, really nice, B. You have some serious creativity. What do you do with these once you are finished making them?

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