so a little tease-trailer for all. i was listening to NPR on my way to work the other day and the book {memoir} they were reviewing gave me an idea for an upcoming series of posts. it will be tentatively titled: “letters to friends i’ve lost/letters to friends i’ve maintained . fairly self-explanatory. subjects will be veiled in anonymity. i figure, sometimes there are things you would LIKE to be able to say to friends, or former friends, but either don’t have the means or you’ve literally lost touch. so this will be an opportunity to explore those things.

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  1. Yes, and this gives you the chance to say, in full detail, those many many things that otherwise remain private and are lost before getting a chance to develop.

  2. Yes! I often find myself reflecting on unresolved conversations/ideas/conflicts with long-lost friends or friends where the relationship has changed and it’s too late to have this conversation.

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