takin’ care of business: where-in many things on “the list” are accomplished

it turns out that when putting off writing a blog entry, it gets harder and more difficult to want to update the longer one puts it off. ah well, so this will be a more “guerrilla style” update.

below, you can read about the following things i have completed from my list of things embrace: #6 { reading a book outside my go-to genres }, #24 { hanging out with a new friend }, and #25 { making a mini altar }.

number 6:  it’s hard to find books outside my go-to genres that can keep my interest. the aforementioned genres range widely- YA, dystopian future, steampunk, alternate universe or history, sci-fi, fantasy, personal memoirs { usually of people who left the religion they grew up in }, anything about/taking place in japan, mysteries…yeah. many. many genres. however, i managed to find 3- one of which i have completely finished and the other two which i intend to but let’s be honest, the library has a due date and one can only renew so many times. the books i finished is searching for meaning: idealism, bright minds, disillusionment, and hope by james t. webb.  the 2 i’m working on are daring greatly: how the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent, and lead by brene brown, and she who is: the mystery of god in feminist theological discourse by elizabeth a. johnson.

number 24:  i drove up to the adorable town of edmonds and had coffee with a friend from work, c. c and i sat for about two hours, talking life and family and easily managed to avoid discussing work. it’s odd to me, because she’s about the same age as my kid sister { ten years younger than i } but it’s way easier to communicate and not feel like i’m hanging out with someone super young. i dig her a lot, and look forward to coffee dates to come!

number 25: the altar that i put together ended up being very autumnal, and all about   {surprise }  CHANGE!  after gathering things from nature, picking up some fabric from which to sew a runner, and decoupaging and candle holder- o think it turned out quite lovely, and just in time for rosh hashanah { see, it’s been awhile sine i’ve tried to update }!

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