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people who inspire me

real {whom i personally know}:

my mother. my aunt patty. liz dieleman {amazing doula, musican and artist}. natalie stoner {hands down one of the most incredible artists across mediums, and a beautiful soul}. jacks mcnamara {insightful, talented, grounding, activist}. the bloggess {i maintain i know her since i went to her reading, gave her a beer and she signed my book}. 

real {whom i don’t personally know}:

madeline l’engle {gifted wirter, both fiction and non}. any uber-dedicated DIY blogger {of multiple genres- food, crafting, eco-conscious lifestyles- as long as they walk the talk}. amanda palmer {singer}. tori amos {singer}. fiona apple {singer}. neil gaiman {author}. zooey deschanel {for her quirkiness}. angelina jolie {for her portrayal of kick ass heroines and her humanitarian efforts}. wil wheaton {not only because my first crush was on wesley crusher, but more so for what a great geek culture representative he is}. nikola tesla {most awesome inventor of all time}. david bowie {as if he needs a reason}. joss wheadon {most creating so many inspirational characters}. cate blanchett {too amazing for words}. tilda swinton {same}. tofa borregaard {archaeologist, aka novelist gail carriger}.


dana scully {the x-files, one of my pesonal heroines}. kara “starbuck” thrace {battlestar galactica, another personal heroine}. samantha carter {stargate:sg-1, etc.}. women of the buffy-verse {buffy, faith,& willow, mostly}. the women of firefly {kaylee, zoe, inara & river}. maid marion {specifically in the bbc’s “robinhood”}. amy pond {companion of the 11th doctor}. rory williams {aka mr. pond}. river song {their daughter and the doctor’s wife???}. deanna troi {counselor, ncc-1701-d}. dr. beverly crusher {also, st:tng}. jadzia dax {trill, scientist, ds9}. trinity {from “the matrix”}. galadriel {both as portrayed by cate blanchett, who can do know wrong, but as written by jrr tolkien}. eowyn {more so in the books than in the movies}. arwyn {only in the books, but mostly because liv tyler was a poor casting choice}. alexia tarabotti {heroine of the “parasol protectorate” novels by gail carriger}.

so, who inspires you? who is missing from this list?