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takin’ care of business: where-in many things on “the list” are accomplished

it turns out that when putting off writing a blog entry, it gets harder and more difficult to want to update the longer one puts it off. ah well, so this will be a more “guerrilla style” update.

below, you can read about the following things i have completed from my list of things embrace: #6 { reading a book outside my go-to genres }, #24 { hanging out with a new friend }, and #25 { making a mini altar }.

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nuggets of wisdom: women in praise of the sacred

there are many books i turn to in times when i need uplifting, peace, encouragement, or inspiration.  one of these is Women in Praise of the Sacred: 43 Centuries of Spiritual Poetry by Women { edited by jane hirschfield }. i was raised Christian, and still consider my self so–though very far liberal/left-leaning, and find comfort/ solace/ understanding outside of the “traditional” church setting.

i want to share 2 VERY different poems, the authors separated by over 500 years, from totally differing faith traditions, yet both bring me such a sense of joy and peace.

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random acts of kindness

as i was waiting in a lobby today, i decided to flip through the various magazines stacked on the table beside me, instead of my usual phone/internet time. as i was about to pick up psychology today { yes, i’m a nerd, thank you kindly. } my eye was drawn to about half a dozen, colourful, little squares scattered about the table. some said believe, the others said be happy–both had subscript that read pop open here –> .

i was intrigued { sort of like alice in wonderland, coaxed to either eat or drink me }.

i picked up a be happy, since the message spoke more to me, but before i opened it, i turned it over…there was a HAND-WRITTEN MESSAGE: “I hope you’re happy, but it’s okay if you’re not…your time will come. Have faith :)”  i teared up a bit. it was exactly what i needed to be told. it’s okay to not be happy.  i can be at peace with that because my time will come.

i finally opened the tiny card, and typed inside was this: “Begin doing what you want to do now… We only have this moment sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake. Marie Beynon Ray


utterly beautiful.

these little random acts of kindness, left behind by a stranger.

i investigated once i got home, and found these little gems { ThoughtFulls }.  as cheesy as it sounds, i sort of want to “pay it forward”- i’m tempted to get a pack of love lifebe happydream, & hope so i too can leave secret, random acts of kindness behind for others to discover.