stein!, self-proclaimed secret bastard love-child of david bowie & willem da foe {no, really}, graced the world with her presence a fortnight too late for the royal wedding of chuck and di. despite a rather “normal”, conservative, blue-collar, mid-west upbringing, stein! managed to have a childhood peppered with all kinds of adventures, both good and bad–a summer spent in and out of children’s hospital with colitis,  canoeing the minnesota/canada boundry waters, walking pneumonia, a trip to space camp where she captained her team’s mission to victory {only to be disappointed by the height requirement to become an astronaut later in life}, participating in loads of theatre and making tons of mischief whilst reveling in her unique heritage: irish/native american/russian jewish.


middling years forthcoming


stein! now resides with her spousal unit & two mischievous black kittehs in a cozy apartment, surrounded by giant conifers, across the street from a library {swoon} and within less than a mile of a wicked awesome locally-owned grocers, somewhere in the gloriously dreary pacific northwest. her bucket list of top 10 places to travel {in no particular order} includes: bangladesh, bhutan,korea, vietnam, india, new zealand, australia, all of great britain {yes, that’s sort of cheating},scandanavia {also cheating} and moracco. the only other place she would rather be in the universe {besides as companion to the doctor} is anywhere inaka in japan.

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