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keeping myself accountable

way, way, waaaaaaaaay back now, i made a list of things  and slowly but surely i have been able to tick some off my list. if i’m being completely honest, did i think i would still be working on this list OVER 6 MONTHS LATER? no. no i did not. but i am grateful that i have not given up, not turned my back on these mini-projects that are making me whole again.

so a quick update on which i’ve “newly” accomplished: #4 { returning to yoga }, #5 { exploring various faith communities }, #9 { creating something as a gift to give away }, #17 {  learning a new skill from/with someone }, #18 { having a “terribly adult” conversation }, #21 { re-purposing something}, #22 { doing something wildly outside my norm }, and #28 { spending the day being crafty }.

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over-excited about…



sometimes, i get really {over}excited about a project and jump into it with good intentions…like this blog. and then eons occur without updating. and i wonder why i don’t have a following. of any kind. not even close friends/family.


i know i should regularly post, but my life feels so blase that there is TRULY nothing to share.

maybe i’ll get my act together and do a massive post summarizing what’s gone on since i last semi-regularly updated. and then **TRY** and regularly update content.


or….maybe i’ll just start another blog.