turn and face the strange {changes}

an interesting thing came up in my most recent therapy session…and it tumbled down a rabbit hole, leading me to this article existential depression in gifted individuals. in response to recent self-revelations, i’ve decided to post a list.

in a perfect world, this would be a “35 {or whatever} challenges in 35 {or however} days” type list. but i’m realistic. life gets in the way. DEPRESSION and ANXIETY sure as hell get in the way. some of the listed things can only be reported on after through digestion. some are relatively “easy”. some terrify me.

so….having been faced with/accused of “having a resistance to life” {apparently my personal existential crisis} i present to you– for accountability sake–

saying “yes”: i choose to embrace {change in x number of days}:

  1.  taking a hike! {like, a real one. with people}
  2.  volunteering
  3.  taking a class or workshop, solo
  4. returning to a yoga practice
  5. exploring faith, via- a “new” to me faith community, an “old” faith community, a quaker meeting, a “spiritual community”
  6. reading a book outside my go-to genres
  7. exploring chakra meditations
  8. getting dressed up “for no reason”
  9. creating something as a gift to give away
  10. attending a public lecture
  11. visiting an art museum
  12. reading in a public setting
  13. practicing self-care: massage
  14. escaping on a mini-vacation
  15. supporting my local bookstore
  16. spending an entire day in my pjs
  17. learning a new skill from/with someone
  18. having a “terribly adult” conversation
  19. having my tarot cards read
  20. sharing my happy place with someone new
  21. re-purposing something
  22. attempting something wildly outside my norm
  23. practicing random acts of selflessness
  24. hanging out with a new friend
  25. making a mini alter
  26. colouring in a public sphere
  27. hanging out with an old friend
  28. spending the day being crafty
  29. day-tripping
  30. star/celestial-gazing

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